Yowza’ Origins

Yowza’ Origins Some celebrities sponsor colognes. Others create clothing lines. But there are some celebrities who can’t imagine themselves without information technologies. Moreover, people always try to find different ways how to save more money. And your smartphones, iPads, iPods can give you such an opportunity thanks to the one of action heroes Greg Grunberg. He is well-known as the actor in “Heroes’ and “Alias”. He and his co-minders August Trometer and Rick Yaeger created a successful iPhone application as Yowza. This app coordinates retail coupons with GPS-based location and presents you with deals within 15 miles that is walking or driving distance.

The idea for Yowza came up to his mind when he and his wife went shopping at the store and were caught at a weak moment to have forgotten their retailer’s coupon at home. That is why he wondered why someone couldn’t harness the GPS power on the phone. Greg has always been business-minded, he always searches for new ideas. Furthermore, he is crazy about iPhones, he’s a huge Mac and apple fan. In fact, the main iPhone capability is GPS with which you put barcodes on the phone directly. You may say that there a lot of competitors to do the same, but this one is a bit different. People are being bombarded by various types of marketing like emails, texts, traditional coupons and advertisements in the paper. But these items are now on the phone, and when you see Yowza, you are hooked. This app becomes an indispensable constituent of people’s life. That’s to say that the app is used by more than 1 million people. “This is going to be a global company.” – said Greg one day. And his prediction has come true.

As for the merchants, they need only access to the Internet. Taking into account the fact that Yowza is a tech-savvy company, it helps new merchants broaden the business in any region. Because of app being location-based, they are charged per location. Merchants should pay a monthly fee in order to put the offers on the app. Every time the merchants see their statistics how many shoppers have pressed “Use Coupon”.

To download this app is free. After its installing on your device, it scans nearby establishments within 1, 5, 15 miles and finds offers for you to save. You can tap on the stores and see what offers are available. If you have decided to use the coupon, you should just show it from your phone. And forget about its printing. What’s more, you can tabulate your savings. The app has an intuitive and speedy interface and works great.

Download Yowza and store up!