Yowza!! Location based mobile coupons for your smartphone

New Yowza!! and ComF5 Partnership Offers the Ultimate Mobile Coupon Solution to Small Businesses

Digital Marketing Company Finds an Ideal Alliance with GPS-Based Mobile Coupon App

LOS ANGELES, CA – October 09, 2012 – Yowza!!, the GPS-based mobile coupon app, announces a new partnership with digital marketing company ComF5 to benefit small businesses nationwide. Now, ComF5 clients will have the opportunity to adopt Yowza!!’s Ultimate mobile couponing package, which means unlimited coupon advertisements, free for the first month.

Yowza!! works by delivering company-designed, real-time, mobile coupons directly to nearby shoppers’ smartphones. This means small businesses can create customizable offers, announcements, and deals that are sure to be seen by relevant shoppers in their area. Now, thanks to a continued dedication to growing small and mid-sized business by use of digital marketing strategies and mobile apps, ComF5 will be offering Yowza!!’s Ultimate to their clients free for one month, normally a 99 dollar value.

"We are excited to partner with a company so closely aligned with our vision to help small businesses transition into the digital age,” says Earl Mann, CEO of ComF5 International, Inc. “Yowza's world class mobile coupon service is a perfect complement to our mobile and digital marketing services. This is just the beginning of what is possible from our joint effort to providing both small businesses and consumers great value and a first rate user experience."

In an era where technology rules, as well as bargains, Yowza!! and ComF5’s new partnership is sure to bring small businesses a much needed boost in revenue. With millions of shoppers now relying on mobile devices to receive their information, Yowza!! is the digital marketing solution ComF5 clients can depend on.

“This new deal with ComF5 is just the kind we love to make,” says David Teichner, CEO of Yowza!!. “It is smart, relevant, and equally beneficial to all parties involved. I am confident this will be a great opportunity for ComF5 clients looking to expand their customer base and grow their bottom lines.”

For small businesses enlisting the expertise of ComF5, Yowza!! just may be their ultimate solution.

About Yowza!!

Yowza!! is the next generation in couponing: a free location-based mobile coupon app., saving consumers money, catapulting new and small businesses to success, and it is even helping the environment. Yowza!! works by delivering easily scanned, real-time, GPS-based coupons and offers directly to consumers’ smartphones. No more sifting through piles of penny saver ads; no more rushing to the store before the coupon’s expiration; this is the real deal, affording useful savings from thousands of national retailers. Consumers get quick, accessible, and relevant virtual coupons delivered daily, while businesses experience an influx of new, local customers.
For more information, visit https://getyowza.com/.

About ComF5

ComF5 provides mobile applications and related digital marketing services to small businesses. ComF5 has consolidated and simplified the requirements for a small business to use video marketing, video streaming, email marketing and mobile apps as a part of an integrated marketing effort while requiring minimal technical resources or skills from the small business customer. ComF5's flagship product lines include officePRO: an integrated marketing suite, presenterPRO: desktop video broadcasting, MobilelVideo: a mobile device based video broadcasting service, and MobiPro, a text messaging based marketing systems. ComF5 was founded in 2003 and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

For more information please visit www.ComF5.com