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Yowza!! is an innovative & cost-effective way to build your business, increase revenue, & reduce your marketing costs.

How Does It Work?

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    Shoppers download Yowza!! for Free

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    You upload your coupon or deal

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    Shoppers near you open Yowza!!

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    Shoppers see your deals and buy!

It's time to say goodbye to costly paper coupons!

No more paper coupons.Here's a dirty little secret about printed coupons: the big numbers they tell you about circulation and impressions may sound impressive, but the fact is that a tiny fraction of the readers actually look at those coupons, and even fewer have any intention of spending money. So you end up wasting money by paying for coupons that very few people see.

Yowza!! is here to change that.

With Yowza!!, the people who receive your coupons are those most likely to spend money in your store: those that are nearby and who are shopping.

Depending on the size of your city, a single coupon printed in your local newspaper can cost several hundred dollars for just a single day! Not so with Yowza!! Your coupons run all day, every day, all month long, for a fraction of the price. Let's see a newspaper do that!

Bring in New Traffic, Increase Repeat Customers & Build Sales

Our location-based system allows anyone with an iPhone or Android (and other devices, too) to see your coupons. When they're out shopping, they simply look to see where the best, closest deals are. If you're on that list, you can bet they'll want to come in and shop!

Who's on Yowza!!?

Across the country, merchants both big and small have made the switch to Yowza!! coupons. In fact, thousands of merchants nationwide now accept Yowza!! coupons. Here's just a small sample:

And now for the fine print...

With all that convenience, there's got to be a catch, right? Nope.

We've designed Yowza!! from the ground up to make it easy for businesses of all sizes to get on board with the latest and most cost-effective form of advertising. There are absolutely no setup fees or other hidden costs.

There is no obligation and no risk. Cancel any time!

Beyond that, we do have a couple of restrictions: no adult stores or products, and Yowza!! merchants must have a physical store. Currently, web-based businesses are not eligible. If you don't know whether your business qualifies, simply contact us to find out.

Merchant Guidelines

So what are you waiting for!?