How Yowza Works

Many of us always add this or that site with coupons for discounts to the "Favorites". But sometimes on your favorite site there is no coupon which we need. And "jumping" from one site to another in search of a coupon is not very convenient, and most importantly, it takes too much time which is always not enough. Using the mobile application like Yowza, you can both save your time and money and purchase something as a real bargain. The principle of the app is simple enough.

All coupons are sorted by category. Inside each of them there is a more detailed classification, so you won’t get confused.

When you know exactly what you need, you can use the search engine. The app finds information in two ways: by keyword or by location on the map. With the first method, everything is clear, enter the word and get the result. The second option is more interesting, you can find out what actions are waiting for you next to your home, work or your favorite shopping center. Each coupon on the card looks like a checkmark tied to the place where you can activate it.

It is also possible to narrow down the search parameters, i.e. run the results through filters that cut off uninteresting or too expensive offers.
The application displays all the coupon data: where it is sold, how much it costs, how long it is available, on what terms and so on.
Another great advantage of the app is the possibility to save coupons in your ‘mobile wallet’ for future use. There is also an in-app savings calculator. So you can easily calculate your couponing savings. It is worth noting that there is a function to call a retailer you want with only one click on your coupon.

In spite of your location, you are able to use Yowza everywhere, nationwide. In such a way you can save a lot of money whether you are on vacation or at home. Share the information about good promotions in social networks, along with accompanying suggestions of your comments. And if you didn’t like the action, the more you need to comment in order to help someone to refrain from an unsuccessful purchase.

Pros and Cons

  • Pros
  • You can search for coupons by zip code or city.
  • You needn’t print the coupons.
  • You can store your most favorable coupons in a favorites section.
  • You can keep track of the savings.
  • Cons
  • The interface is dull somehow.
  • All things considered, learn how to use coupon features. And soon you will be able to find a discount for anything in a couple of minutes.